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The Management of JWAP and JOMEL is committed and gives high priority in HSE. This commitment to create and maintain a safe workplace for all resulted in the achievement of two major milestones of the Plant, the completion of 1 Million safe man-hours last September 28, 2011 and 2 Million safe man-hours on October 20, 2012, by the end of the year 2012, the Plant achieved 2,018,571 safe-man hours since last LTA.

Improvements in the field of Occupational Health Management have also been instituted, to continuously monitor the health and well-being of every employee. Measures such as diabetic mellitus, HTN screening, color blind test and particularly audiometric test were performed of those employee frequently exposed to high level of noise in their work areas.

The project has logged in 3,188 hours for safety orientations of new employees, contractor's employees and plant visitors. Internal trainings on HSE related subjects have been provided to employee increase the level of awareness and knowledge on Plant safety. Fresh eyes training was initiated and is expected to continue in the coming year. Plans to migrate to IP safety and PTW procedures are in place and are expected to be implemented the following year. Online safety training "Instinct" will also be implemented.
Some selected employees are also sent for external trainings particularly on Emergency Response Team competency and qualifications. fire section has increased manpower and created a new teams with 44 members for the Company's Emergency Response team (ERT)

The project team is looking forward for more improvements in this coming year and is continually committed to improved the management of risk to the health and safety of their employees and other workers within the facilities.


JWAP is also focusing on the security related issues. We have established 24 hours communication channels with governmental bodies. in the same manner, JWAP is consulting with Risk Management International to be able to improve internal security and comply with all the government facilities security requirements.

JOMEL is handling the day to day security of the facility additional programs were instituted to improve the security aspect of the Plant. Several security trainings were conducted. Likewise, since the bulk of the Plant security force is Saudi nationals, an English proficiency program is also implemented to improve their English communication skills.
On September 2011, the government facility Security Forces (FSF) was also mobilized on site, providing additional security measures to Marafiq IWPP facilities.