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is to protect and enhance the interests of its stakeholders by committing itself to the following principles:

1. The Employees are its most valued asset, and therefore, they should always be treated with dignity and with full consideration of their interest. The Company has the responsibility to:

• Provide its employees with incentives and opportunities for professional growth and advancement;

• Provide its employees with just and competitive compensation, and benefits that improve their living conditions and incentives

• Guarantee fairness, equal treatment and opportunity, and avoid discriminatory practices; and

• Provide suitable and safe working conditions to protect employees from avoidable injury and illness in the workplace.

2. Its Investors are its principals, and therefore, the trust they have placed in the company must be honored. The Company has the responsibility to:

• Apply professional and diligent management to ensure the financial viability of the company and maintain a fair and competitive return for its investors; and

• Conserve and enhance its investors' assets, and fulfill and safeguard their interest.

3. The Suppliers and Creditors are its business partners and, therefore, the relationship with them must be based on mutual respect and benefit. The Company has the responsibility to:

• Foster long-term stability, direct relation and continuous development with suppliers to attain quality, competitiveness, process efficiency and performance reliability;

• Seek fairness, truthfulness, integrity and transparency in all of its business dealings with them; and

• Seek, encourage and prefer suppliers whose business practices respect human dignity and the environment.

4. The Community is its business environment and the society it serves. The Company has the responsibility to:

• Uphold and maintain at all times the highest standards of business ethics;

• Fulfill with dedication and commitment its social responsibilities;

• Undertake activities that support and contribute to the economic and social development of the country;

5. Employ proactive measures and cooperate with the government and non-government institutions in activities to serve society towards a collective benefit.

• Help the government in its efforts and programs towards raising investor confidence, developing the capital market, and ensuring high sustained economic growth through good corporate governance.

• Observe and comply at all times with the orders, rules and regulations of the government, its agencies and instrumentalities, in the pursuit of its utility objectives and other corporate endeavors;

• Institutionalize sound environmental practices in collaboration with the concerned government agencies and encourage other corporations/organizations to support all programs for an effective environmental management system.